Cassandra MariaDB Virtual Box images

I made a Virtual Machine images for testing Cassandra integration in MariaDB. This Virtual machine is based on Ubuntu 12.04 with Datastax Cassandra 1.1 version and prebuilt version of MariaDB 5.5.27 + Cassandra from here.

You can get it by using Vagrant.

After that run this commands:

vagrant init cassandramariadb ""
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

After that:

For loading the sample data:

vagrant@mariadb-cassandra:~$ cat create_keyspace.cql |cqlsh 
vagrant@mariadb-cassandra:~$ cat create_database.sql |mysql -uroot

Show the data in MySQL:

vagrant@mariadb-cassandra:~$ mysql -u root
use blog;
SELECT posts.message, FROM posts,users WHERE posts.user =;

Show the data in Cassandra:

vagrant@mariadb-cassandra:~$ cqlsh 
cqlsh> use blog;
cqlsh:blog> SELECT * FROM posts;

And voilĂ  :)